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Consumer Buyer Behaviour | 12 Weeks | Class

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to various theories and models relating to marketing and consumer behaviour. By drawing from theories in the field of psychology and social sciences, you will gain an understanding of consumers as individuals and as participants in their social and cultural context. With this understanding you will be able to analyse why consumers react in a certain way to marketing communication. Once you are equipped with the skills to understand and interpret consumer needs and consumption patterns, you will be able to design marketing strategies and promotional messages to best exploit consumer opportunities.

Digital Brand Strategy | 12 Weeks | Class

This optimised digital strategy short course will empower you to think strategically about building your digital brand presence with all the necessary tactical functions. The short course has been designed to help you understand how to plan, implement and manage a comprehensive digital marketing strategy while integrating digital marketing tactics into your overall marketing strategy.

Gamification in Brand Building | 4 Months | Class

This short course equips you with the ability to apply basic game design principles and skills to brand building campaigns. You will explore the principles of game-based marketing and gamification project management through the review of selected case studies. This programme will further introduce you to the process of creating visual game assets for game art and to the software and hardware requirements for gamification. After completion of this programme you will be able to develop game-based marketing concepts for brand building campaigns, brief and manage a gamification project and assemble a simple game.

Strategic Brand Leadership | 12 Weeks | Class

This course is ideal for individuals who have completed the short course in Brand and Marketing Management or who have some experience in strategic planning. The programme investigates purposeful brand leadership models and strategies; the impact of culture on innovation and the need for a metric that tracks and informs the equity goals of the portfolio or organisation. Theory and discussion will be mindful of local market conditions and are continuously applied to address real-life scenarios and case studies within the area of brand and innovation leadership.