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Introduction to Web Design | 4 Months | Class

This short course introduces you to content management systems such as WordPress and the basic principles of HTML5, CSS and jQuery to create and manage your own website. Furthermore, this course presents a professional creative edge in that you are trained to apply industry standard Content Management systems and email marketing platforms to relevant communication media. Design skills training is delivered in tandem with digital training to ensure students gain hands-on confidence and skill in web design.

Principles of UI & UX Design | 5 Weeks | Class

This course is ideal for anyone in the world of graphic design, art direction or brand communication that is required to conceptualise and design apps websites or interfaces of digital systems.

Web Analytics Booster | 4 Weeks | Online Course

This newly-introduced booster is a shorter, jam-packed distillation of the full Web Analytics online course, to add to what you’ve already learnt in Digital Marketing (or Social Media). The intention is to give you additional skills: a practical understanding of web analytics and its importance in today’s web-based world. You will also learn digital tips and campaign techniques that you can implement immediately.