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Adobe Illustrator CC | 4 Weeks | Class

Start from scratch with Illustrator. Learn how to use it for artwork, logos, shapes and vector illustrations. Discover exciting features like the new Appearance Panel, Improved Artboards Panel, New Gradient Strokes, New Pattern creation and graphs and patterns and the iPad app Adobe Ideas that interfaces with Illustrator. 

Adobe InDesign CC | 4 Weeks | Class

InDesign is a page layout programme that can be used for ads, brochures, stationery and books. This introductory module covers the essentials of using the Adobe Creative Cloud. New features like Liquid Layouts, Content Collector Tool and Digital Publishing in InDesign are covered. 

Adobe Photoshop CC Extended | 6 Weeks | Class

This course is aimed at those with no experience in Photoshop and covers the essentials of Adobe Creative Cloud Sharing and collaborating your work using Behance, Adobe Cloud Storage and uploading and synching your files, using Typekit and the Creative Cloud Market.

Certificate In Graphic Design | One Year Full Time | Class

You’ll get the industry relevant knowledge, techniques and skills to enter into an entry-level position as a graphic designer. After just 1 year you’ll walk out with a creative portfolio filled with graphic design for both digital and print media to catapult you into industry.

Copywriting For A Digital World | 10 Weeks | Class

Writing for digital media requires a different approach to conventional advertising, as well as an astute understanding of the demanding online user. This course recognises these shifts in digital communication, while maintaining a focus on the fundamental principles of copywriting. It provides insights and techniques on how to write and conceptualise for a range of digital media platforms.

Digital Content and Copywriting | 10 Weeks | Online

Content is, increasingly, an essential part of any marketing strategy, and businesses that fail to recognise its importance will be left behind. This 10-week course covers the copywriting and strategic skills necessary to plan, create and implement an effective digital content strategy.

Visual Communication for a Digital World | 5 Weeks | Class

This course is intermediate level and would suit those with a basic understanding of graphic design. The focus of the course would be on practical application of visual communication for branding, from concept to execution, across a range of different online media platforms.