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Advertising Production | 12 Weeks | Class

This module provides non-creative students or managers with an understanding of the processes, techniques, timing and issues when producing TV, radio or print advertising material.

Integrated Marketing Communication | 12 Weeks | Class

Combining various communication elements has been proved to deliver a better, synergistic result. This Module covers the practical application of the six elements of marketing communication.

Marketing Communication Issues in Multicultural Markets | 12 Weeks | Class

An intimate knowledge of the various segments in a multi-cultural society is a key to marketing success. Marketing communication takes place in the dynamic arena of popular culture, which requires an up-to-date awareness of trends in society.

Marketing Strategy | 6 Weeks | Online Course

Marketing Strategy: Foundations and Application is a 5-week online course that will equip you with the skills to successfully understand, plan, implement and monitor basic marketing strategy, using a range of channels and online tools to creatively drive your brand forward.

National Certificate of Advertising | 1 Year | Learnership

The National Certificate in Advertising is a one year learnership programme that gives students the skills to gain an entry-level position in the marketing and advertising industry.