Time Management: Goal Setting And Diary Planning

In this module we are going to discuss the importance of goal setting, time management & diary planning in real estate. Completion of this course results in 1 Non-Verifiable CPD Point.

Property practitioners will know – the one thing that can make or break your real estate career – is if you have proper time management skills and good systems in place. It is often said that good agents know how to plan and be on top of things. They work with a plan!

In your real estate career, it will be crucial to do good time management & diary planning, proper goal setting and understand how to apply these techniques, to make real estate work for you! It is also the one industry that the more you put in, the more you will get out, but you need to understand this concept. Real estate is a numbers game, but you need to learn to work smarter and not harder. But real estate is also a peoples’ game, and with the necessary empathy, perseverance and knowledge, you can be a successful agent.

During this session we will have some fun, look at different personality types, understand how to learn to work smarter and not harder, make the best use of your available time to last in real estate and discuss how to apply proper systems. We will also discuss the importance of setting goals, what SMART goal setting mean and guidelines to reduce overload and over commitment.

Please view the presentation and complete the assessment afterwards. Kindly also see the other sessions in this series which address selling in a difficult time and the new education regulations for your real estate career.


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