Real Estate As A Career: Education and Legislative Aspects

In this module we are going to discuss real estate as a career, and how the education regulations impact your career. Completion of this course results in 1 Non-Verifiable CPD Point.

The Estate Agent Affairs Act of 1976 has been the guideline for the past 40 years in real estate, with regards to rules & regulations and code of conduct. New education regulations have been promulgated during July 2008, and all property practitioners have to comply with these in future. Many people consider becoming an agent – the perception has been over all the years that it is “easy money” – without understanding the real consequences and commitment that it takes to remain in real estate and settle a long term career in this field. Our numbers are dropping vastly as it has now become a professional career.

During this session, we will have a thorough look at the various options to decide whether real estate is a viable option as a career and what it entails. We will look at all the educational requirements and changes in legislation, the necessary compliance towards the practical Logbook and the academic qualifications FETC Real Estate NQF 4 & NC Real Estate NQF 5, as well as the final exam (PDE 4 & 5) that all property practitioners will need to write, in order to stay in the industry. We will also have a brief overview towards the understanding of the CPD points over the three year rolling cycle. Lastly, we will end with the great opportunities for those that remain in real estate, as it is certainly becoming a sought after career of choice, and not a weekend job anymore!

Please view the presentation and complete the assessment afterwards. Kindly also see the other sessions in this series which address time management, goal setting and how to stay in real estate during difficult times.


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