Tenant Occupying The Property

In this module we are going to discuss occupation and the issues, risk and possible pitfalls as well as legalities a property professional has to take note of when a residential property that is occupied by a tenant is marketed and sold. Completion of this course results in 1 Non-Verifiable CPD Point.

The property professional must be wary of the tenant’s rights, if a property is sold and it is occupied by a tenant, in order not to jeopardize the purchaser’s expectations.

In most contracts this matter is underestimated and under regulated.

The property professional must step cautiously in order not to burn his/her fingers in the labyrinth of common law principles and statutory provisions in this regard.

The role of the conveyancer in this regard must also be emphasized to protect the property professional and seller.

Please watch this video and complete the assessment.

Kindly also watch the other videos in this series which addresses other issues for the seller and purchaser respectively at different stages in the timeline of the transaction.


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