Selling In A Tough Market

In this module we are going to discuss Selling in a tough market, and how to last in real estate during difficult times. Completion of this course results in 1 Non-Verifiable CPD Point.

The real estate industry is vibrant and constantly changing. Due to various external factors, the industry will always go through cycles, which cannot be predicted. It is then a challenge to stay in the industry when we go through difficult times as we currently experience. These external factors could be political instability, uncertainly in the country, safety and security, banks’ lending criteria and the availability of financing transactions, socio-economic aspects, and many more.

During this session, we will look at certain aspects to equip all property practitioners with the necessary knowledge and learn more about the reasons why some agents remain in real estate during difficult times, and others don’t. What is the secret to last during tough times, no matter what sector you operate in?

Please view the presentation video, and complete the assessment module. We trust that the information in this session will be valuable and will equip you with more tools and knowledge, in order to ride the wave through the storms. In the end – there will always be buyers and tenants as well as sellers, landlords and new developments and facilities to be managed. Our country has a housing shortage, so if your mind set is right, you will keep on selling during tough times!

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