This is a generic guide which will assist you in explaining to your purchaser, buying into a new Sectional Title Development, the development process before transfer can be taken. Completion of this course results in 1 Non-Verifiable CPD Point.

We have a moral and statutory obligation to provide our clients with information. We cannot assume that they know or understand the risks, legal obligations and pitfalls before they enter into a property transaction where a new unit is bought in a development.

There are a number of legal issues and processes that will differ from a regular second hand sale.The MCDevelopersGuide contains the legal information a purchaser needs to know before making an offer to purchase in a new development.   It will thus assist the property professional in being CPA compliant in providing necessary legal advice to a prospective purchaser.

Please read through our MCDevelopersGuide complete the assessment, as this is a compilation of the most important stumbling blocks your purchaser may encounter in the legal process that lies ahead. We trust that the information contained in this guide will be of value to you and your client and assist you through the labyrinth of laws, rules, regulations and contractual requirements that accompany the purchase of a property in a new development.

Kindly also see the other guides in this series which addresses other issues for the seller and purchaser respectively at different stages in the timeline of the transaction.


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